Wrap up warm

Since you are likely to spend a pro-longed period of time outside in the winter chill watching fireworks, it is vital that you and your family wrap up warm for your occasion. Hats, gloves, scarves and thick winter coats are essential to prevent the cold from ruining your evening.
As ever, clear, dry weather is never guaranteed in the UK so don’t forget your waterproofs and an umbrella to stop the rain from ruining your view.

Our reflective umbrella range will ensure you stay seen and safe.

Zhoodz 'Dog Heart' Umbrella RRP £23.50 (reflective)

Zhoodz ‘Dog Heart’ Umbrella RRP £23.50 (reflective)

Reflective clothing
As crucial as dressing up warm, dressing to be seen is essential among large crowds at Bonfire Night displays. Equipping your children with some form of reflective clothing, such as one of our vibrant Zhoodz is not only great to keep an eye on your little ones, but is also ideal, so that they are seen when near the roadside.

Kids Original Shout Zhoodz Hoody in Electric Orange RRP £32.95

Kids Original Shout Zhoodz Hoody in Electric Orange RRP £32.95

Bonfires & Fireworks

Fireworks are sadly known for causing fatal injuries and because of this, it is crucial that fireworks are observed and used with caution. When watching an organised display, ensure that you and your family stand well back from the Bonfire and Fireworks and be sure that your children are supervised at all times.

Fireworks are safe if handled properly, however each year over half of all firework injuries are suffered by children and could easily be prevented. If you are setting off fireworks, or are hosting a display of your own, make sure that you follow the firework code and ensure that a responsible adult lights the fireworks (purchased from a reputable retailer), keeping naked flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks. After the firework has been set off, never go near a lit firework as it could still explode.

Sparklers can be a fun addition to your Bonfire night but, as ever, always use them with caution. A simple sparkler reaches a temperature of up to 2,000°C – over 15 times the boiling point of water – and therefore should never be given to a child under five. To reduce such risk of getting burnt, only ever hold one sparkler at a time and be sure to hold it at arm’s length, away from people’s faces. When your sparkler goes out, put it promptly into a bucket of water to ensure the fire is put out effectively.