The long, dark, gloomy winter nights are rapidly approaching and the safety of our children is paramount. Did you know there is a higher amount of casualties at night than in the day, suggesting that low visibility, reduced lighting and vision plays a large part in accidents at night?

Other studies reveal that people on roads are between 3 and 7 times more vulnerable in the dark than during the daytime, which only highlights how people are more vulnerable at night when they wear dark clothing. [1] These stats and figures really do hit home and make us re-consider what the best option is when it comes to protecting our children.

Realistically, we can’t coup up the kids at home, or stop them leading an active life outdoors, that’s why Zhoodz offers an innovative solution and boasts a range of cool reflective clothing that helps get children notice when out in the dark as well as keeping them warm.

For us, a child’s safety is paramount and we’ll make sure they can be seen when outside. With a vast range of reflective designs for both boys and girls, as well as product styles and colourways, children can not only stay safe but also stylish! Gone are the days of ugly high-vis vests, each Zhoodz item has a cool vinyl design on the front, back and arms, that reflects when hit with car headlights, camera lights, flashlights etc, making sure your child is seen from afar!


Our cool fluorescent orange reflective scorpion tail chain design hoody will not only keep your child warm but will also make sure they are spotted in the dark, whether their walking home or playing out, or riding their bike!



For extra piece of mind, we also have a fabulous range of high-vis accessories such as bags, hats and brollies. So now you will really see them!
WHY eyes-drkZhoodz 'Shout' Rucksack - £18.95 www.zhoodz.co.uk (reflective at night)