Giddy and excited just don’t cut it when it comes to how we felt exhibiting at our first consumer show, The Manchester Bike Show March 28th – 29th.

It wasn’t just excitement at the thought of been able to sit alongside all the big names in the bike world, it wasn’t even the excitement of unveiling our standout new gazebo, we had new designs, new products and we were chomping at the bit to share them with everyone!

Here’s our rocking new gazebo supplied by TFH Gazebos thanks guys! Read on below to find out what exciting product we launched at the show 🙂

Zhoodz Gazebo

Aside from new designs on hoodies, t shirts and kiddies vests, we also launched an exclusive new range in partnership with Bandero Masks

Bandero produce the best biker masks that money can buy and pride themselves on their quality and range of designs. We were thrilled when they agreed to partner with us to create the worlds FIRST reflective face masks, yes, we thought that was cool too!

Here are a couple of the designs we launched at the show. You can shop our masks by clicking HERE Enjoy!

Bandero Masks