The school run can be an incredibly stressful and potentially dangerous time of the day, with all the busy work traffic and parents trying to drop their children at the school gates, so it’s important to ensure it passes problem free. Although some parents do drive their children, many children walk to school and it is important to keep them safe for the journey.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the school day off to a bright, positive and safer start.

1. Make sure your children are clearly noticeable- In order for your children to be seen they should be wearing something bright and possibly reflective, however, there’s no need for high-vis vests or bulky industrial clothing, you can try one of our stylish but safe high visibility hoodies or rucksacks as part of our back to school range.



2. Practice road safety and make sure your child knows their Green Cross Code- Make sure your child knows exactly how to cross roads safely and be responsible whilst around busy traffic. You should always set a good example and use the Green Cross Code yourself and you could also show your child how to use the Code to cross the road when you’re out and about, then let them practice by showing you what they know (on quieter roads of course).

3. Be prepared for all weather conditions- As winter is drawing in it will bring darker nights earlier, rain and cold. Make sure your children are wrapped up warm and keep dry but can still be seen with our winter range of both bright and reflective hats and brollies.


4. Make sure your child knows their phone number and address- In case of emergency your child may need to know this kind of information so it might be a good idea to give them a card to keep in their pocket with these details on.

5. Emphasise stranger danger- It is important to stress to your children not to talk to or go off with strangers, however this can make it confusing for a child to know who they can trust in an emergency. It is best to point out to the child that in an emergency to look for a ‘safe adult’ which could be someone they know, a police officer, shop keepers or someone with children. If there is not a safe adult around then you should point out ‘safe buildings’ to go into which could be banks, post offices, libraries, medical centres or shops.

The school run doesn’t have to be a stressful time for parents worrying about their children. Prepare your child, take all the necessary precautions and check out at our range of products that could help keep your child looking safe and stylish. Road safety just got cool.